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Makinë për etiketimin e shisheve për shitje


1.Automatic operation
2.Wide application
3.Sturdy label

Makinë për etiketimin e shisheve për shitje

Vertical Bottle Labeling Machine is our new designed labeling machine which owns advanced micro computer – PLC( electronic optical fiber programmable logic controller) to come true high speed and stable function. Touched screen can adjust parameter to help workers adjust and ensure data any time. And the labelling processing is clean . The label is beautiful and tight .

specification of Count Bottle Labeling Machine


Makinë për etiketimin e shisheve për shitje

Item No.



Full automatic operation

Size Available





1.1 kw


AC220V 50 / 60HZ


400 kg


Stainless steel

The height of bottle


The external diameter of bottle


The height of label


The length of label


Labelling speed

0-300 bottles/min

Labelling accuracy

± 1mm


Kinds of bottles

The Features Bottle Labeling Machine

1.Full automatically design:

Vertical bottle labelling machine is automatic to send bottles and collect bottles. It completes the program include putting on bottles, labeling and collecting bottles one time. And the machine can count the output.

2.The unmanned labelling process that sets parameter by computer improves labelling efficiency.

3.The advanced and powerful touched computer screen makes operation direct-viewing and easy.

4.Wide application. Vertical bottle labelling machine widely applied to kind of roundness vitreous bottles on food, medicine, daily chemical, chemical engineering and other industry. It is the perfect machine to replace volume-produce manual work.

5.The vertical bottle labelling machine adopts electromechanical integration technology and advanced photocell control device.

6.You can do stepless adjustment for production capacity according to the parameter and character of bottles and label.

7.You can count the output by setting the quantity of label and automatic count.

8.The whole of vertical bottles labelling machine uses 304# stainless steel and aluminium alloy and humanized design. It looks so clean and luxury.

9.The bottle unscrambler is customizable.


♣You must stop heating and cut off Power supply when you move your machine or turn it.

♣The machine should set on balanced place. The distant should be above 20cm between the machine and non-combustible matter (for example: thewall, the brick and so on.)

♣The voltage which the machine use must be in accordance with the specification.

The oil must be over the max line when you pour in the oil. And to exhaust oil should wait the temperature is cooling .Mustn’t move or fold the temperature probe.

♣User should put the suitable power switch , fuse and protector .It will be convenient if you don’t put the sundries around the switch.

♣The machine must touch the floor before you use it.

♣You should exam whether electric components are stable and balance is safely.

♣The power exchange must be in accordance with the same model and use professional person to do it.

♣The install and maintain should be done by the person who has the certificate.

♣The children mustn’t touch the machine.

Detaje të shpejta

Type: Labeling Machine, Stainless Steel Count Bottle Labeling Machine
Gjendja: E re
Application: Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware, Apparel, Textiles, Kinds of bottle
Lloji i paketimit: Shishe
Packaging Material: Plastic, Paper, Metal, Glass, Wood, As your requirement
Nota automatike: Automatike
Lloji i drejtuar: Elektrike
Voltage: AC 220V 50/60HZ
Power: 1.1KW, Electric
Vendi i origjinës: Shanghai, Kinë (kontinent)
Brand Name: Allraise Count Bottle Labeling Machine
Model Number: OR-RL-001
Dimension(L*W*H): 2800*1300*1850mm
Pesha: 400 kg
Certifikimi: ISO
Shërbimi pas shitjes i ofruar: Mbështetje e palëve të treta jashtë shtetit në dispozicion
Material: Stainless steel and aluminium alloy
External diameter of bottle: 10-100mm
Length of bottle: 35-300mm
Height of label: 15-200mm
Length of label: 15-280mm
Labeling speed: 0-300 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
ODM: Yes